Thursday, April 4, 2013

If You Have An Hour To Kill Listen to This Song وردة الجزائرية - رائعة : أكذب عليك | حفلة " كاملة

Who among has an hour nowadays to spend watching (listening really) to a great song? I love you Warda, but it seems the time is not right anymore for us to set and listen to one of your most celebrated songs "Akbib 'Aleek", while it;s a great song by all accounts, the song will live on long after we all have gone away.

But for ease sake, I have both versions, the full 56 minutes long original song and the quickie version under 10 minutes. The remains one the most remade songs by young talents--namely women who find their voices made for this beloved hit. The late Warda had so many wonderful songs, that live in our collective memory. She is the voice of our emotions and sentiments when we are in love and when the passion is there.

It's no breaking news, that Warda is one of the few things Egypt and Algeria agree on--sadly. No better person Algeria has the kind of love Egypt has for Warda and her art.

 وردة الجزائرية - رائعة : أكذب عليك | حفلة " كاملة "

وردة الجزائرية - أكذب عليك


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