Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Listen: "We Hacked You Tel-Aviv" Song Released اغنية هكرناكي يا اسرائيل علاء رضا

This is a random song by someone who has little talent yet he sings. His new song is about the anonymous hack operation at Israel. It's a current event song, that mentions even the striking prisoners. Alaa Reda has way too many lyrics for this song and his song is about bragging of the operation.

Do not know where to begin, this singer might be clueless about security systems but that did not stop him from singing about something very complicated. He does drop all kind of social media references and so on. I found this song worthy of being blogged about. President Obama even gets his names repeated in this all over the place song.

Sure the young people would find the track of interest. I do not really know what happened. alaa Reda is not the first to sing about this, but his song seems to have gone the farthest.

اغنية هكرناكي يا اسرائيل جديد علاء رضا 2013 الاغنية كاملة


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