Friday, April 12, 2013

X Factor Arabia Latest Stunning Updates

X Factor is very close to ending its successful run, they names of the bands and performers is getting shorter by the week, and I think we have surpassed the half point. Every week, the show loses a band/artist. The Egyptian hip-hop R&B band seems to all but have secured winning the first season--if they do they might be the first band to win such a show in the Arab world

Every act is trying to win the title, each has a story to tell, and each wants that contract, but most of all winning the people and their votes. I feel Ibrahim Abdel Azim from Libya might be in the danger zone. Same goes for the Miraya band, they may also be in the same position.

I feel the Moroccan contestant, Mohammed El Rifi will go far, he is the treat that everyone loves, so mark my word he will be among the three finalists. The same goes for Hossam from Lebanon for starter the show is being filmed in Lebanon and I think he will be in for some time. If talent is the only way, the kid from Oman will be traveling far, the dude is a beast on stage--not a great choice.

Marwa had a good night, and the judges showered her with praises. She got better, but not sure if she has the vocal muscles to shine. Iman had a classical song to cover, I think she did well and owned the song--I loved how she took the song and made it work for her. Each judge loves his/her teams, but this is becoming harder to hide as the list narrows.

وملخص الاداء - العروض المباشرة 4 - vote promo The X Factor 2013

 Young Pharoz - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

ابراهيم عبد العظيم - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

فرقة مرايا - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

محمد الريفي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 3 - The X Factor 2013

المنتصر بالله - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013


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