Monday, April 1, 2013

Listen: جديد - أمل حجازي - فين الضمير -Amal Hijazi Human Song

Lebanese pop songstress is out with a new song about doing the right thing, about the human conscious! Why do we not care anymore? Where is our heart? Why so much injustice? This is would be an easy song to write if you have been following the fallout of the Arab Spring.

Amal Hijazi is a unique voice, and a gentle soul, she is singing in Egyptian and this seems like a song that she wanted to sing, not your average I am in love and silly tracks. The message is bigger than one person. Unlike her peers, Amal is not great at promoting herself, she is not the biggest self-promoter but she is person with a good moral character. And she found the song that she felt.

امل حجازى - فين الضمير يا بشر - النسخة الاصلية -3 201


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