Friday, April 12, 2013

Listen: Hot Single Assala - Ma Tghiar Shi2 / أصاله - ما تغير شيء

She went to Qatar for this song, a live performance of a never heard song by the Syrian diva cum political activist and TV hostess. She fears no-one and she she knows her way around a live orchestra in a multi-million dollar concert hall.

The stars in attendance are many, but I saw Amal Maher sitting next to Angham chatting as they sat in the audience enjoying the music of Assala. Note, those older men who hog the best seat in the house.  This is an epic poem turned into a classy song by the lady with grace.

I love the music, it's so well-composed and actually does something new by reaching back in time when such music was the only way Arabs knew. It's a triumph for the many of us who like live songs with original content. Those are nearly impossible to make today. It makes one happy and wishes he has more time to listen to this track over and over.

It looks like the night was something to remember  you do not get to see songs like this being made, recorded and made live. This would be the closest thing to us at touching the time when Om Kalthoum took the stage. Prince Badr Bin Abel Mohsen wrote those delicate words, and the music is that of Saleh El Harshy. Whoever really did it, she get a big thank you.

Assala - Ma Tghiar Shi2 / أصاله - ما تغير شيء


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