Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's Cute! Hamaki Gets A Squad Of Cheerleaders

Fans are crazy, and they would do almost anything to get the attention of their favorite star. But some Egyotain stars form some kind of an ultras, or cheerleaders who would follow them everywhere, cheer them on and praise them. Some call it an entourage, others call it a lame attempt to be the center of attention.

The fans I am talking about here, are an organized group that wears matching t-shirts, get in for free and always drum up the event for any entertainer. Tamer Hosny may have invented this tactic, but others have copied him soon.

No doube, there are loads of fans of Hamaki, he is a cool star, but he is no prophet and he is a pop star whose sole act is to bring joy. He should not form a gang of young and confused souls who want to look cool. Just see the young man shouting and making Hamaki feel like a million dollar.

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