Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mandatory "Egypt, I Love" Song By ZeeZee Adel

I love Egypt and I want nothing in return  I love its people, their stories and their big hearts and their unmatched sense of humor. I want nothing back for my unconditional love for this land that's dear to each Arab and Muslim out there.

I want nothing but the best and I want to see Egypt rule the world, I want to see their work celebrated and their products all over. It's with that love, I wish they would just chill and let democracy work. Give your president a chance, you voted him in for four years. You cannot take that back form him. I am certain he now hears you. there is no reason for violence and clashes. please

For that, here's a song by ZeeZee Adel, the Egyptian girl that many swoon over her when she appeared on Star Academy. She sings for Egypt, and about her love for it, not her love for a single party or faction.

ZeeZee Adel YA Masr


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