Monday, April 8, 2013

Listne: A New Classy-Flavored Single By Sabine سابين - عيوني بحبوك

Sabine of Lebanon has a sing song out, but it's not your average pop song. That means the composer and the lyricists are different. For the new single Sabine has lyrics beautiful crafted by the golden hit-maker of Lebanese song Nizar Francis--the legendary songwriter.  And as for the music, it's the creation of Melhem Barakat the man with antics.

The duo of Nizar and Melhem created a unique sounding song that feels original and where Sabine can stand taller and place herself under a different light. The kind of this song is the type one can grow old with, the young people will tune in for Sabine's sake, the older will enjoy the throwback sounds Mehlem has perfected here.

And the recording was at Tony Saba well known studio, this song is about the eyes that love and Sabine wore a different hat to make this song her intro to a whole new world of awesome. This song helps give her some classy credentials by creating for her a song that will make her a memorable star. After this, it's all her she should go on and make Lebanon proud. 

 سابين - عيوني بحبوك / Sabine - 3youni Bihebouk


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