Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Good Song, Jury Is Out On The Music Video Wassim El Naggar - Fokek / وسيم النجار - فوكك

He has a good voice, nice dance moves, he is animated and dresses well. He is a young Egyptian pop sensation that goes by the name Wassim El Naggar. He is out with a new single made for dance. I like the beat. It's exciting for young talents to see their first music videos, always has been this way.

He has a style and she held his own ground in the music video--he did not make it into a nude show which is refreshing. I just feel the music video could use some better lighting and a better story perhaps. I know the teen girls and young women will find the music video to be fun. This is a clip about a guy telling the girl she is driving him mad.

I feel good about Wassim who is unafraid to come across as a goof ball, he is just out to have some fun and being himself. He has two outfits, the one he wears at the club and the sport outfit from a guy who likes cars. So this is the balance. the soft and the rugged looks are all in one place. The lyrcis are light hearted and seem to have been written by a relative of Wassim. The music is the work of the singer himself.

Wassim El Naggar - Fokek / وسيم النجار - فوكك


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