Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Would You Wear This Shatha Hassoun Outfit?

Shatha Hassoun knows a thing or two about fashion, she lives in Beirut  but works in Dubai, her hearts beats Iraq and her mind is always on Morocco. She makes good music and her online brand is one of the strongest among her peers. Her fans live all over the world and she often speaks to them via a number of media outlets.

She is often in Lebanon doing media interviews on A list shows, and in Beirut for concerts and events. She also records there. But I feel one of her most recent outfits feels little bit not her own. It looks like the sylist of Myriam Faris has finally got Shatha to wear his clothes. Fashion hits and misses are nothing new. You are a star and you wear something you think looks good one you...sometimes you are right and sometimes you are very wrong.

It's just a dress meant to cover your privates and make a statement. So no big deal, I have seen worse and a lot more revealing. Shatha is on her Turkey for a big project she is not talking about so far. From there she will head to Kuwait for a big wedding where she ha been hired to sing.

Shatha Hassoun "Menou Li Ma 3endou Madi"


  1. the dress shes wearing is similar to the Diva Houda saads dress that she wore in one of her interviews :)