Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Watch: This Random Egyptian Song أبو جريشة - اللي أنت شايفة

No idea who this guy is, but someone gave him a shot at making a music video that was supposed to be funny. Maybe it's meant for people with a different taste, but I do not get it. I understand it's meant to be a treat for people who like a little laughter at the expense of the common man of Egypt.

His name is Abu Greisha and he is one of the people. He wears sporty clothes, rides a bike and looks like one of those average people. He has half a dozen of kids whom are glued to him. The odd facotr is the appearance of good ball Sha'abi singer Sha'ban Abdel Rahim on the clip. Spot them as the leader of the neighborhood watch group.

The song is about making all the wrong decisions  he tells the subject of the song to go ahead and take another wrong call. Abo Greish is not star, but his voice is not as bad as some of those voices I have heard in the psst.

Abo Greisha - Elly Enta Shayfo / أبو جريشة - اللي أنت شايفة


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