Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Choice For The Best Female Entertainer Is Houda Saad - Bik N3ich 2013 هدى سعد - بيك نعيش

Housa Saad is a world-class and well rounded entertainer. The songstress-cum composer-cum lyricist is a credit to her people in Morocco. She is truly one force not to be reckoned with. She has so much music training under her belt, but most of all her feel for what's fresh and good is unmatched  Most Arab pop divas pay other dudes to write and compose music for them.

Not Houda, she has all the skills to go it alone. And you know what, sometimes this is risky, but Houda is always dazzling and never repeats herself. She is an innovator and knows how to make them hits. The size of her gift keeps on growing. I love how much energy her songs have, but the lyrics are very poetic and meaningful at the same time.

I only say this because I am enjoying the one single from her "Bik N3ich"  It's a great mix song, perfect for dancing. Another thing about Houda, two years ago, she said she will try to take the Moroccan song into a new territory. And she has done just that. With her touches, the song from Morocco is something special unlike no other. The new track is so crisp and so rich with thrill of a hit song that you have the privilege to hear fro the first time.

Some artists have good voice, others have good showmanship! Houda has those naturally. Yet she ups the bar and has perfected her writing skills and her music composing talent. I wish she gets a chance to own the prime time for a little bit--she has a lot to share. I know she gets little help in Morocco, but she has decided to stay and fight.

Keep them coming, I love your new single and have always considered you one hell of an entertainer. It's about time Moroccan music had its very own proud mascot who inspires hope and shows strength. Houda might just take the Moroccan song beyond the borders of the Arab World. Lebanese song has Najwa Karam, the Egyptian song has Amr Diab, and now the Moroccan song has the very skillful and never dull Houda Saad

 Houda Saad - Bik N3ich 2013 هدى سعد - بيك نعيش


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