Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Video: Chafik Nibou Is The Most Bizarre Audition On Arab Idol 2

He is Moroccan and he thinks he can sing. He did a number in Arabic and another song in Spanish--according to the judges he has better luck in Spanish. But this is nothing, the cast of Arab Idol were not ready for this guy. Chafik Nibou  made a number of bizarre  claims that are if true are shocking. See when he walked into the Arab Idol on camera audition, he was really pissed off, you see it in his eyes.

  1. You guys are not important, I can make it on my own
  2. I produced my own stuff in Egypt and moved to Lebanon for more work
  3. Nasr Mahrous used to work for me
  4. Hassna Abu El Soud wrote me a song, but then changed his mind. 
  5. Sherine, the Egyptian diva used to be a backup singer in my band.
Chafik Nibou is a very confident man, and it was so fresh and so funny to see the judges try to handle that. I do not think he is all that great, he does have something in his Spanish singing--he says he is from Northern Morocco. When he walked away from the show, he spilled the beans, mockery is all I got. People drinking?  They made fun of my clothes...etc.

This is so funny, and I respect Chafik Nibou for holding his ground and bragging about his past. boy does he hate Sherine? He seems to have made another enemy, Ahlam. He also might be upset for not being treated well. He hates Arab Idol--why did he take part of it? He is talking about Beirut, and the executives are mean and rude to the participants.  I could see that and I agree with him for the lack of class.

 Arab Idol - تجارب الاداء - شفيق نيبو

شفيق نيبو يكشف المستور و يفضح ارب ايدول Arab Idol


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