Monday, April 8, 2013

Watch: Cute Guys Like To Cry The Nader El Attat Edition

She left him and now he just wants to die--romantic? perhaps But for Nader El Attat. He is a Lebanese voice trying to chase the attention of women who like music and good looking boys like himself. His breakout song has been composed by Assi Hellani, the Lebanese super star.

Assi seems one of his mentors. and Nader loved Assi Back. The music video is nothing new, but for the nude bathtub scene. Love story and then sourgrapes phase. The music video is about the different things couples want from a relationship--one wants a family and a baby. The other did not have that on mind.

Nader El Attat - Marrat Habiby / نادر الأتات - مرت حبيبي


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