Friday, April 5, 2013

Video: Capella With Alaa Wardi Live In BAB

Alaa Wardi, the dude who looks like an orthodox Muslim, but rocks like super star on an energy drink. Alaa has moved form the viral video screen to the live concert venue where droves of fans cheer him on as he does his thing.

He now plays the guitar on stage as he performs one of his better known songs. He also plays a big screen of him making varies musical instruments and beats. He keeps a busy program and he joins other rock stars who hold similar events in Jordan and Beirut.

Not sure what will be the net step for Alaa, but he has held firmly unto his fan base. The toxic political mode across the Arab world makes it hard for entertainers to perform in public or yet make much money.

BAB - Alaa Wardi - Ela El Ex | Roya علاء وردي - الى الـ اكس | رؤيا