Thursday, April 4, 2013

Listen: Rouwayda Attieh Searching For Syrian Peace رويدا عطية - ابواب السلام 2013

Artists hate war, they have always been like that, and for one Syrian diva Rouwayda Attieh is out with a new song about peace. I cannot make out the politics of the song, but I know it feels human. I know pro president Assad would find it good and the same goes for the revolutionaries.

There is one true bit in it, we have not attacked anyone, they attacked us, occupied our land and then turned around and told us we are the problem. Maybe the Golan heights is on her mind at the moment. I like the reference to the churches and schools where the people are praying for peace.

The song starts strong, my land is seeing a lot of tragedy, enough with the disasters and promises. Enough is enough. Rouwayda Attieh had to be courageous to get involved in this topic, but once a Syrian always one. Her fans are all over the world would agree on this track specially about the dreams of her grandfather. It shows tradition and faith.

Rouwaida Attieh - Abwab El Salam 2013 / رويدا عطية - أبواب السلام

رويدا عطية - ابواب السلام 2013


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