Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WATCH: لقاء محمد فؤاد - الحلقة الأولى - The XTRA Factor 2013 Mohamed Fouad

The mega star, the song of Egypt Mohamed Fouad bright so much energy and interest into the X factor that the judges are wondering if this guy should comeback again. His warmth and affection are written over each of his songs. And he took time to speak with the Xtra Factor segment answered some questions and spoke about being part of the show.

He is king among his are the ones who are competing on the X Factor, they had so much love for him and spoke on how much he means to them. Each has its favorite song by Fouad. That's something you cannot buy with money.  He is so mature and knows how speak with a realist tone and give hope. Cannot wait for his new album....he ignited the stage.

The low of the interview when he spoke about him being on the judges--he said I could not do it, and disappeared. He is the big brother each of us wishes to have.

لقاء محمد فؤاد - الحلقة الأولى - The XTRA Factor 2013


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