Sunday, April 7, 2013

Video: Khaled Selim Enables Saudi Racing Fans On MBC "Driven"

What's with Khaled Selim, the once beloved pop star and cars? I have no idea. Dudes and bros like sweet rides and talk about them like they would talk about gorgeous women. I have never been obsessed with cars, but I know many how do. So, Saudis who have been seeing a surge in death due to a number of racing accidents, are about to get a new racing show.

The show will air on MBC Action and I am seeing a Lebanese racer in an energy drink car ready to do some stunts. I think it's irresponsible to do these shows when last week few young Saudi died in a car racing accident. Driven is the name of the show and Khalid will help bring in new viewers to this new show. This show is on its third season now and more to come.

There has been many stars on this show before, and simply put you cannot stop young people form doing crazy stunts that might lead to their death.

Khaled Selim ...Promo Program DRIVEN S3


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