Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WATCH: This Saudi Music Video By Rakan - Shelmatloub | راكان - شالمطلوب

He might as well be Saudi Arabia's most exciting young pop star, he might be the coolest one too. But inside the Kingdom he is a hero to too many youngsters  While at home, you would never guess this is the cool guy you see in the music video below, but step outside that place and the cool kid is out of the bag.

Rakan everyone and he has a music video for you, I am loving it. He has the Afro and the retro look it looks so natural to him. Enjoy the urban sitting for this fairy tail of a song. Where the hell did he find all these young people for his music video? I love the dangerous elements in the music video, the dancers and the performers do a wonderful job.

This is one heck of a stylish music video...Rakan knows how to look good. Guns and actions he can do that too.

Rakan - Shelmatloub | راكان - شالمطلوب


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