Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Toni Qattan Fan Essential Playlist

He is a low-key singer from Jordan by the way of Palestine. He is a young voice with a solid fan base in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. He can be seen doing concerts in these places, and his fans attend and show their love for this almost indie entertainer.

Toni Qattan is that voice, and I like how he handles his business. He is all about making good songs and nice music videos. He is a hit for concerts and he comes with little drama. He does the Bedouin song very well, he has few party songs the bring out his old soul. He does the romantic songs brilliantly, and in Lebanon he has a big name recognition.

He also has done few Egyptian songs that were cool. He has that non threatening good-look, he ranges between casual and blazer when it comes to dressing.

Toni Qattan - Ya Mhager / طوني قطان - يا مهاجر

Toni Qattan - Ahlek Ma Badon Yani / طوني قطان - أهلك ما بدن ياني

Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya / جديد طوني قطان 2013 - عينها عليا

More songs from Toni are found here


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