Friday, July 4, 2014

Video: Ehmej Festival Kicks Of w Festive Lebanese Zafe زفّة لبنانية في مهرجان اهمج

Zafe can be defined as a marching band surrounded by dancers and people carrying various foreign objects with sweets and rice showing the masses. What would be an equivalent for Zafe in the Western culture? I am speechless, but I know it's all about good times.

Zafe is a group of people who have a good reason to be joyous and happy like at wedding or at some other delightful occasion--say graduation or a promotion. Sometimes they have sarcastic zafe too. The video below you see the opening of Ehmej music festival with the band doing their thing as the key guests walk vivaciously.

Zafe is an Arab thing, it exists in Lebanon, Syrian, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, other places have it too, take for example in the Gulf, they make it rain with cash. This is the time to play bouncy and bubbly music.

 استقبال وزير السياحة فادي عبود مع زفّة لبنانية في مهرجان اهمج


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