Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ISIS And Israel Are The Same, Says Iconic And Bold Julia Boutros @JuliaBoutros1

Julia Boutros is the original Arab singer-activist combo, she is Lebanese who bleeds Palestine and her heart is on Syria and Iraq. She never shies away from unifying Arab causes, she sees the larger picture. In this video she salutes, mothers families and seniors.

she talks Palestine and take pride in their resistance--the only cause that brings most Arabs together--not the fucking Saudi and Egyptian regime, but the people over there. "We are all Palestine" It's a bold stand she takes, it has become nice to watch how Gaza and the Israeli brutality in Gaza and Palestine has brought the people of Lebanon together.

I love Julia and I love how even in 2006 when some Arab regimes were against resistance in Lebanon--she released a moving song from a speech that put so many of these lazy Arabs to shame.

Julia Boutros Appeals: We are all Palestinian - ISIS, Israel One and the Same (Eng Subtitles)


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