Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hamas Sings, Israelis Dance! Qasam Song Is A Hit In Israel (Video)

Hamas did not invent propaganda, they are learning from the Israelis and copying them....this is why when they military wing released a song in Hebrew with many threats to the people of Israel, the song became an instant hit inside Israel. The shares, likes and tweets are all over the place. It might be funny for some, but I think Hamas is showing off here.

Israelis have a sense of humor--no just an apatite to murdering defenseless Palestinians. In this conflict, we see Hamas the underdog schooling Israel in military operations and PR. The Israelis are top-dog on civilians, they killed close to 1400 (the counter still goes) This message hurts them and actually mocks them and reminds them of how Qassam brigade.

The good news, Israel ran out of bullets, they've used them all--so not to worry my country America, was there for them and gave them what they need in their way on civilians. Good job! I do not understand Hebrew, but the subtitle in Arabic  are there.

Bibi keeps on killing people in Gaza, telling his right-wing nuts that he is making progress, he is right if he only wanted to cleanse the people of Gaza.

انشودة زلزل أمن اسرائيل باللغة العبرية


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