Friday, August 1, 2014

The Young, The Talented, and The Lovable @ZeytounNassif

Two extra minutes with the last winner of Star Academy, Syrian Nassif Zeytoun. Though there are so many winners, he is one of two who really took the title and did so much with it. Another winner comes to mind, Shatha Syrian Nassif is pretty talented. His versatile voice allows him to do so many styles so well. from Mawal, Tarab, old and new school pop.

Watch the video sot see how many of the big names stand behind him. He is a guy with so many likes, tweets, and shares. I like him, he does sad songs like no one else in his age group can. He also has some acting chops, and a high sense of fashion. He also has the backing of a production house that has spared no expense to bring Nassif's music to a wider audience.

Nassif would be able to do a lot more had his home country been stable, and it's an issue not only in Syrian but beyond. He is a gracious young man who packs so much talent it makes him worth envying from his more seasoned peers.

A note of advise, please stay away from concerts at restaurants, you have so much more talent to be singing and competing with food. I know it has not been easy, but class is always in order. I would love to see you perform life here in the States, the Syrian and Arab community would appreciate your talent at this difficult hour.
Nassif Zeytoun - Sawt Rbaba Bonus Features


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