Thursday, August 14, 2014

#Iraq Meets #Gaza: Same Blood, Different Wars (Video) @HussamAlRasaM

Gaza is not alone, at least on popular Iraqi singer showed up for that tiny strip of land and commiserated with them all the way from Iraq. The song puts these Arab leaders to shame, it's a moving song about death in Iraq and Gaza, it's one blood and one rallying cry.

The so called Arab leaders are asleep or plotting against Gaza and Iraq. Hossam Al Rassam is feeling the heat of the bloodbath so he came up with this song, it's a sweet song it shows his big heart. I was thinking Arab solidarity is dead, but Lebanon told me otherwise, now Hossam shows me again that we are not all dead in the inside.

Gaza is occupied by a war-happy Zionist gang, and Iraqi is occupied by a violent brutal gang, they both kill civilians---but the ones in Israel wear suits and speak better English. The song is about death experienced in both Arab places, and the absence of those leaders in and outside of those places. Well done Hossam.

حسام الرسام حكام العرب


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