Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Assyrian Australian Sexy Actor / Model Ramis Issac Corny Song @RamisIssac

Here's a good looking guy left the Middle East to live in peace in Australia, but since he is good looking he is now an actor, a model and now a singer. Ramis Issac is dubbed "the first Assyrian/Babylonian Model." and you know I asked my wife, she agrees he is a good looking dude.

When it comes to music, if this is his first song ever, it's OK. But if his music career to hold, he needs to do better. The lyrics are corny and his vocal performance is not yet Western. His approach to music is similar to that of Arabic and Assyrian songs.

I thank Ramis for doing more, and I am happy he has found safety in a place that gives him a room to be creative and good looking.    
Ramis Issac - With Only You


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