Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First Arabic Music Video With Lesbians--Thank you Rabih Gemayel (Video)

Here's a guy who comes from a political dynasty in Lebanon, but politics drives people apart. Rabih Gemayel wanted to bring them together so he chose music instead. I have taken notice of this new comer few months ago with the release of this moving dude song, a song about bros code.....a song about his past love who is now in a serious relationship with his best pal. The song is about the dilemma of what to do in this situation.

You are in love one day playing bowling and in few, love goes sour, and things go south. Rabih found this song  with Faris Iskander....and he seems to find luck with this young hit-maker. Then your buddies swings by, and shows you a photo of his gal, then you see she is none but your ex. I do not know if this is stupid concept for a music video. The only real problem here is that people are forced to conceal their identities, not that they have same gender attraction. I give the people behind the music video credit for brining out this issue to the spotlight.

Goes this song from Rabih Gemayel. Not sure why all the women are dressed like teenage cheerleaders, not real women. I give it to this artist he has gone under a makeover that fits his style. Watch for the minute he meets his ex pretending not to know her. I guess this is about Lesbian love as well. This is bold dude, perhaps the first hip song to tackle the issue of you same gender attraction in the female population.

Rabih Gemayel - Sadmit Omri / ربيع الجميل - صدمة عمري


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