Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Begining To Think Elissa Needs Therapist

Elissa is still looking for a guy, she is pushing forty and still looking for her guy. But she is not searching in silence, we all have to suffer for hr journey. Watch this song and images from a Rotana produced TV drama, and since Elissa is one of their top artist, this song makes sense.

An innocent human, an innocent lady, a song about doing everything right yet getting not anything right. I must say, this song is pretty good, but I might be not be able to be just to Elissa, I may have outgrown her. Some of her songs are now sounding like she needs to talk to a physical therapist, and not sing. Drama is everywhere, and Elissa knows it very well.

This is not dissing a talented artist, this is dissing artists who are unable to tell a different story or a different style.    

اليسا - انسانه بريئه


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