Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nancy Ajram Stars In Arabic Game of Thrones (Video)

She wanted to release a special music video for her Gulf dialect from her latest album--released ealier this year. She had lots of money for the project, so she got a Lebanese director to shoot in a Game of Thrones style music video where the knight if a pretty Arabian boy.

The outfits are beautiful, the makeup is second to none, the affects and the castle in the mountains, I have seen better. The extras and the set do a fine job in creating a believable surrounding. Lots of horses and stuff rich people like. I am not in love with this particular song. But it's a well-made music video, at least Nancy Ajram covered up a little bit this time--unlike the queen of watermelon video.

This is a fantasy meant for girls who believe in fairylands and epic romance, all great stuff. I think the fans will welcome this song from a pop artist who remains the hit-maker we have come to know thirteen years ago.

Nancy Ajram - Ma Aw'edak Ma Gheer Official Video Clip


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