Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Limitless Talent of Drop Dead Gorgeous Shayma Helali Comes to Life @shaymahelali

Tunisia is the land of truly sophisticated Arabs who have a great sense of style, taste and everything in between. This is why when the sing, they often sing their best, and give all what they have. But one lady she does it best. Shayma Helali released a new song with anew music video, it's a nice departure of the mediocre music videos. She goes in full dance and dazzle mode, as she shows four different looks in this Turkey filmed music video.

Shayma Helali has released half a dozen of music videos, she never dacned, this once she is dancing till she drops. She is trying to win over her hard to please man. so she is admitting failure. The man is a blind jerk for sure for not being able to see the amazing Shayma Helali. The art direction and the cinematography win you over. This is an impressive work in all aspects. From the lyrics, to the music. Shayma's voice brings this otherwise lifeless track into anew dimension.

I am a fan of her talent, and now she shows the Gulf who's boss. She is a Tunisian who rocks in any dialect. She is a star whose sex appeal translates into many cultures. She brings out good energy, and those dance moves are something fresh. She is not trying to do sex music videos like they do nowadays. Instead she won by being her and most importantly by doing what she is comfortable with. The circus has never been better and this Goth looks , she makes it look awesome.  

Shayma Helali | شيما هلالي - حاولت أراضيك


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