Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tamer Hosny First Great Song @tamerhosny kol al lahgat #ألبوم #تامر_حسني

Tamer Hosny is yet finding creative ways to say "I Love You", he shopped around the Arab world and found clever ways to stay in the game. How could he not as he is now working for Rotana, a big move for him. Since Rotana sells big for everyone around the Arab World, this new song is actually good and I am pleased with that sweet Tamer Hosny is showing up.

Folks in the Gulf, Egypt, Levant, Maghreb will be enjoying this track. Tamer Hosny is not done and he remins a strong contender. However, now he feels the urge to work harder and not act like an entitled asshole. This is great attempt at returning to his top spot. Only Tamer can pull suck stunts and get the fans to love him--he already works harder than most. This time he has a proof and his proo comes in each of these Arab Lahgat (dialects)

Rotana is giving him their full-backing and it seems they are sparing no expense....Tamer can use their thousand of billboards sprayed with his images on the new album 180 degrees. They want a big name and a big ticket who can sell concerts---both win here.

 كل اللهجات - تامر حسني / kol al lahgat - Tamer Hosny


  1. he loves no one except himself. his ego is larger then life. he loves himself just as much as a fat child that loves cake with ice cream.