Monday, August 18, 2014

Must Watch! Mohammed Elsusi The #Gaza Rapper Meets Syrian Rapper From #Aleppo

Here comes Mohammed from Palestine, a young rapper and music producer from Gaza and actually lives in Gaza. Here he presents a simple work of art we have produced and renovated titled "I am calling  Palestine - Onadekom" , with the consent of the original singer of the song "Ahmed Qaabur"
In collaboration with the rapper from Syria (Aleppo) ..Al Bsmeh Al 3Rbieh

The music video was filmed in between Gaza - Aleppo, without any material support, just two artists doing their best despite death and war. It's never easy to be young, creative, unemployed and living under a war or a siege. These guys put together a good track that attracts demographics from two war zones and two varying forms of taste. There is poetry and there's rap.

Elsusi took a classic Palestinian poem and added his voice and his narrative...There is little glory left in rap activism, but I like Elsusi--he is a real Gaza soul. He is pretty smooth and makes perfect sense--glad they shared this track with us. So much energy, so much rage and so much hope all in one place.
Mohammed Elsusi
Revolution Makers Band
Respect From Palestine
Calling You ( #Palestine) (#Gaza)

اناديكم (صناع الثورة - البصمة العربية) ( Onadekom


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