Monday, August 18, 2014

Listen: Summer is way more fun with Sarah Farah @SarahFarahORG

Sarah Farah is not ready for the summer to end so she is giving her fans an extension with the release of her latest single. She is a rock star when she was on Star Academy, and I think she was a credit to that program, she came second. But when she sings she takes backseat to no one.

Here's a happy song from her that will make your day extra special. It's a fun song from a vocalist who seems to have fun working in the music industry. I am a fan of her strong voice and intimidating personality. This is Sarah Farah with a summer party song that feels right for the old-school divas. She works with new talents and lyricists here, but the mastering has the touches of Tony Hadad.

The guy of my dreams is a welcome splash that blends Lebanese and Syrian styles on the debka ring. Now consider yourself warned, Sarah likes the divas who seem to be closest to her style. She lists her favorite female vocalists to be Najwa Karam , Zekra , Rowaida Atiah , Nawal elkwaitiah. she has something from each on of these talents.  
Sarah Farah - fata a7lami سارة فرح - فتى أحلامي


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