Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watch The Boldest Egyptian Song to Date On sexual harassment @ZAPtharwatAXEER @AxeerStudio

We may disagree on politics in Egypt, but all of us agree that women should not be harassed ever. This is a real problem in Egypt where cultures does not exactly help. The guy pretends to be a saint in public, but in private he is a pervert. Ladies are supposed to be saints everywhere they go, and when they dress up and get harassed some people--including women will place the blame at them.

Public transportation is where many of those prey--worse, the ones who pretend not to see it nor would they stand up and defend the victims. Menna Hussein adds her precious voice on this rap track and tells people--this is everywhere and no family is immune. Guys are jerks, we need to stand up to them and stop them. Zap Tharwat is a one man army--he tackles any issues he does not like. He is a voice od reason. He lacks no courage and his music comes form his heart. This is why this song has been sanction by the UN.

Stop it already, it's a shame!
أغنية ضد التحرش | Zap Tharwat Ft. Menna Hussein | مين السبب | @AxeerStudio


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