Monday, August 11, 2014

The Chick Who Rocks! Download Sabine "Stop" 2014 Album البوم سابين - ستوب @sabine_fans

I like when Sabine sings, she releases he full-throttle album, a full bang fireworks worthy album with 14 explosive tracks. Sabine is a needed voice who makes songs for women, in fact,t here are not too many female songwriters and composers in the Arab world.

Sabine attempts to cover a broad base on songs, and styles including many dialects. She even has a track that pays homage to many of her pop ladies that have reached the iconic status. This is a gillie album made for girls who like to rock---it really suits her these selections and I am happy she is manged to get this album underway. Variety is always good, especially when the production value is good. Making a million mediocre track is not too challenging, making ten great tracks takes work, talent and money.

The cover art is also fresh and relevant in this day and age. Even the ring shoe wore is cool with Lego.  Sabine already gets concert gigs on college campuses within Lebanon. She is hoping to travel more as she ventures into the Gulf dialect songs as she does here. Stop the jewel song mixes Arabic and English in a cute way.  

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01. Barkouli Ya Banat
02. Stop
03. Ya Khsara
04. Eid Miladou
05. Souad Hosni
06. Achhad Ana Lik
07. La Eli
08. Talleni
09. Akher Hammak
10. Baini W Bainak
11. Leish Zeelaneh
12. Oyouni Bi Hebbouk
13. Mamnoue Yezaal
14. Yoh Yoh

Sabine - Barkouli Ya Banat [Official Music Video] ( New 2014) /

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