Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Time The Charm With 3 Marat By The Odd Spice Mix 3

The music world is riddled with weirdness and's a new page on weird, from a group that goes with the name Spice Mix, none of them look anything but bland and in need of some spice themselves.....the voices are nothing of good news. These are young people who watch too much TV and then decided to make a song of their own.

Silly for sure, but unsure if this is where the future is headed....I like how the girls sound like a noise made by a cat stuck under a garbage can.....the guys here spend a lot more time in front of the mirror than the girls do. Both of them spend so much time on their smartphones sending each others emojis....and taking selfies. For sure, this is a high school song made for spoiled brats with no goals in live.

The good news, there's six of them in the group, the bad news there's six of them. Now, the relief comes in knowing that they have their own ultras of fans. If you recall ten years ago, the popular song Baba feen? These guys are the same guys. Their name is different, but they are the same still with the same producer.

3 marat - Spice Mix 3 مرات - سبايس مكس


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