Thursday, August 28, 2014

Slum Singer Sa'd El Soghayar - Agmal Bent Fi Masr Album سعد الصغير - أحلي بنت فى مصر

I love the cover art for the album Saad, you are going for that Majid El Mohandis look and style. The Egyptian slum singer and favorite go to guy for wedding parties is back with a full-scale album. 13 tracks of loud music and street language. He is that street smart entertainer who looks like your Makwajy the guy who irons your clothes is a full blown party guy.

Now to be fair, Sa'd is a big deal in Egypt, he is a cultural icon no doubt. He has a good voice, it's just his style that doesn't agree with me. He has also been hanging out with a lot of these belly dancers they appear in his movies and music videos. I think his character is damaged, but he also does his friends and family well. He makes it rain.

Saad has already appeared in half a dozen films and his movies tend to be low cost and big yield. Always he is the cool nice guy who is really trying to live right, he keeps the company of stoners and drug users who run into trouble with local street thugs--there is always a girl that he wants to marry.

As for the album, there are those sleeper hits and there are those musical guests to look forward to. But in general, this is cool album if you want some street cred with the local folks.

Link track

01. Adet Asad
02. Agmal Bent Fi Masr
03. Alheml Ba'a Te'el Alya
04. Ana Men Yom Mareftk
05. Ayez Atgwez ***'a
06. Dalah Al Banat
07. Marafosh
08. Mesh Hatbtl Aflam
09. Mraty Khan'any
10. Shokran Ya Aam
11. Tebt Men Al Bashar
12. Wala Yom Men Ayamoh
13. Wela'a

Sa'd El Soghayar - Agmal Bent Fi Masr - Samples | سعد الصغير - أحلي بنت فى مصر


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