Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hot And Upeat! Carole Samaha - Sahranine Video Clip / كارول سماحة - فيديوكليب سهرانين @CAROLE_SAMAHA

Carole Samah has traveled the world in search of talents to work with and this hit-maker knows how to make a good song even better. Her music videos are classy and bring out the funk. She has never repeated herself in songs or music videos.

With Sahranine she wrote the song's lyrics and it's a rocking track. This is a perfect club song, the nicest party track, and boy does Carole dance? She does and she leads a pack of equally dazzling dancers. Carole, you are so cool and your energy is hard to match. To pay for all that, a hair care company gets their product placed.

Seriously, this is  Carole like we have no seen in a while.....She is a gifted dancer who does not try to be over the top obsessed about her body. She came from a theater background and she owns every second of this music videos. She sets the standards and always she is doing something exciting and worth talking about it.

Composed by the lovable Egyptian composer Mohamed Raheem--one of his better work. Lyrics by: Carole Samaha Arranged by: Sleiman Damien Mixed by: Edward Meunier. And no one directs Carole Samaha better than her friend and business partner Thierry Vergnes

 Carole Samaha - Sahranine Video Clip / كارول سماحة - فيديوكليب سهرانين


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