Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Song From El Ashahs Will Give You Seizure العصابة - الأشاش

El Ashahs is a new Egyptian movie about a thug or what is been called "El Baltaji" it's hardly the first movie on this subject--they made one just last year. It's one of these movies where they stitch a number of tiny stories as they tell the story of one street thug who terrorize people and sleep around.

Most people are indifferent about this film, some even hate the kind of topic or the style of the producers who seem to prey on the weak and poor people by telling stories about them being sex-crazed, abusive people who like to dink do drugs and dance like strippers.

Now, we have the song which is meant to market the film, a wedding meets a block party--lots of dudes, guns, dancing ladies, and something of a rave party. Egypt is really not like this, this seems to have been filmed by someone high, and frankly the way it's filmed it might even give you seizure and panic attack. This is the techno version of auto-tine lame song with lots of slang. The thing these people who act in these movies do not live anywhere near where these stories are supposed to take place--and these people drive fancy rids and have bodyguards.

El Essabsa - Al Ashash / العصابة - الأشاش


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