Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eye-Candy Sandy On Her Music, Her Fans And Trouble @SandySandystar

There's a song in America, that goes like this "I want candy..." in Egypt that song would be "I want Sandy" Sandy is the pop star in Egypt that's making all the waves, she has a new album and she is making the media round. Watch her answer questions from the fans about her music, the new album and her style. She rules teen music, and young adults think the world of her. She has already starred in a movie.

The kids adore her, and they even loved her song in English, she called a song "Lady Killer", not a song that she went with it. She keeps the summer alive in her busy schedule. She is happy about her 14 tracks album where seven of them were hits....

But she likes to record only good songs and release them, quality not quantity. In fairness, her album is her best to date. It shows some maturity and a good taste. She talks about how she likes her concert attendees to give her the good vibe. she likes to get out of Cairo and go to different Egyptian towns for concerts--she feels good about those ones. 

This is a detailed interview where she talks about her music and her fans, you do not see this side of her often....

ساندي: أنا بربي جيل!


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