Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Salma Rachid Finds Her Inner Palestinian As She Sings for #Gaza @SalmaRach

She is a young and promising Moroccan star who did very well on that show Arab Idol--she was best friend with Mohammed Assaf, the kid from Gaza, Palestine who ended up wining the show. It only makes sense for Salma to sing for Gaza as billions of us saw the crimes and atrocities carried out by the democratically violent army of Israel.

Salama worked with a team of young Palestine talents to tell a story, she knows she is a big draw inside Palestine as she was a choice of many. Now she has her heart and mind set on Gaza and the little kids. Lyrics of this song are for Rami Shabana, the music is for Khalid Khaseeb and the musical arrangement is for Rachid Mohammad Ali. She also worked with a Palestinian production company that helped bring this project together. Remember Salma has already performed in Ramallah and toured the holy land.

The song is not out yet, but the teaser is promising. The young artists shared it and said, as an artist we cannot fight with weapons, but we do with our means.

سلمى رشيد اعيدوا لي - Salma Rachid Aedo le


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