Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celebrities React To The Death of Media Personality Mazen Diab @mazendiab83

Beloved Lebanese media personality Mazen Diab was found dead in Jordan at his residence in Amman. Diab, 30 years old, had already suffered from lung cancer and underwent surgery almost a year ago to remove part of his lung.

He used to work as an anchorman at Sawt al-Ghad radio station in Jordan as he also appeared in a movie dubbed "It's my turn now" [Eja Dawri] to raise awareness on cancer. Jordanian websites reported that Diab was found dead tied with ropes inside his apartment, located on Mecca Street in Amman. While other reports quoted primary investigations as saying that he was repeatedly stabbed, or strangled with a rope to death following a rift between the slain and thieves who stormed his house.

Jordanian authorities said Saturday that they had arrested four people who confessed to beating and killing Lebanese media personality Mazen Diab in his Amman home over personal issues. In a statement, Jordan's General Security said the coronary’s report indicated that the cause of Diab’s death was an internal bleeding after the victim was hit with a sharp object.

Preliminary investigation said the body of Diab, 31, was found tied with rope marks around his neck his apartment on Friday. On that night, a friend of Diab failed to reach him over the phone, prompting him to go to Diab's house and knock the door down to find him dead with several stab wounds.

The investigative committee that was formed to probe the murder listened to the testimonies of neighbors and friends of Diab and collected information on the victim to reveal the circumstances behind the incident. The committee immediately ruled out theft as the motive behind the killing. Three of Diab's cellphones and his laptop were on his desk.

Mazen had a lot of celebrity friends, he is a cancer survivor and a hero to so many.

خيمة عزاء الإعلامي مازن دياب


  1. Awful. May his soul rest in peace from this torture.