Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Assi El Helani Sings With His Own Flesh Live in Baalbak Festival

Assi El Helani likes duets, he must have had a dozen of them. This once at the Baalbal Festival he added one more live performance but this time it was with his own daughter....Mariatta who seems to want to be a professional singer. To be fair, she is talented, she has a good voice and she can sing well in both Arabic and English.

Her live performance with her father is pretty cool, but doing a love song with her father and dancing with him live on stage may be sending the wrong message or set some people off. The song they performed was a duet between Assi and Carol Saqr, it was a hit song and I think it's one of these songs that has legacy written all over it.

I think this is one of Assi's sweetest songs, he does this style so well, but he does not do it so often--he prefers to shout in that Lebanese fashion. And yes, there is another song by Assi and a guy who sings in English Rabih Jaber, not sure what brought these two together, but it seems the fans are crazy for it. It played like a live DJ mix.

Assi El Helani With His Daughter Maritta In Baalbak Festival Singing Ouli Jayi عاصي الحلاني ديو م

Assi El Helani With Rabih Jaber In Baalbak Festival wil Hawa Tayer عاصي الحلاني ديو مع ربيع جابر ف


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