Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sandy And The Spoiled / Entitled Teen Who Love Her

If you are a teenager and have a shitty taste of music, then you need to be listening to Sandy. Sandy from Egypt is pushing hard the release of her new album which was actually good. But then she goes to be with fans, only to be surrounded by bodyguards....I do not blame her, the more of you guys out there, the less of her you would see.

Checkout this footage from his album signing at Virgin Mega Store and do a media event and a tiny song or two. I do not think she really likes the fans, she just wants them to buy her album to allow her to go on a longer vacation. She made a good album, and now she is here to help sell it. Virgin offers that kind of place.

So to sum, if you are a spoiled teen with a lot of money that you did not work hard for, then join the lines and buy the new album.

Sandy Rock's Virgin Megastore - ساندي - حفل توقيع البوم حلوه جدا


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