Thursday, August 21, 2014

Six Vocalist, One Amazing Song For Palestine #Gaza @LianBazlamit12

Six young Arab vocalists and stars from shows like Star Academy joined forces, put their egos aside and sang one folkloric song from the Palestinian history. The versatile Lian Bazlmit leads the pack, the accessible Yehia Swees, the bold Mohammad Rafie, the warm Lilia Bin Shikha, the dazzling Diala Oudeh, and beloved Mohammad Bash. These folks could be doing a lot more with their time yet, they chose to spend their time singing for the people of Gaza and Palestine

Brining all these young talents to do this song at this time took some work, but they came together for Gaza and Palestine. they brought their A game and stood for justice. Their voices make this song extra special....It's a breath of fresh air to hear a song we grew up listening to, get a new lease on life. This song is about dignity and freedom.

Thank you folks for this gem, it's a song that will be sticking around for a while. While most of the vocalists on this track are from Palestine--some have other connections to places like Jordan and Syria. They bleed with Palestine and they came to do what they know how to do best--sing and help people heal.

يما مويل الهوى 2014



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