Friday, August 15, 2014

With "Helwa" Joseph Attieh Sings in Tongues @AttiehJoseph

It ain't easy to have a hit summer song that translates well in a more than twenty countries that speak a dozen of local dialects. So Lebanese Star Academy came out with a summer song that has a pool, soccer, dance, parties, pizza, rolling skates, funky outfits, water sports...etc. and so much more. but most of all he is about singing in all dialects. This is Josef Attieh and he is all smiles, and adventures. Do not get dizzy or get a seizure from watching this interesting filming style   

Check out this song where he sings for the masses, and see him do some under the water cup too. This is a summer fun music video. I do not love the song, and I do not love his open chest--why bother whit the shirt.

Cannot speak to the quality of his dialect renditions, but it's a cool attempt. He is the second to do that....see the first. So much energy went into this song and so much more energy went into the making of the music video.   

 Joseph Attieh - Helwa (Official clip) / جوزيف عطيه - حلوة


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