Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Defense of Elissa Bikini Beach Picture @elissakh

I mean she is a grown woman who likes to go to the beach and wears what's best fitting. We all know that bikinis are what you would expect at the beach. It's not a big deal. For Elissa she has never shown much skin--cleavage is a different thing. But it seems she does not care as much and she decided to share a photo of hers on the beach. She has shared many photos of hers having a good time on the beach (here and here)

This time, the picture was a bit more real than people like, she wore a bikini.....let's be frank why this is not a big deal...

  1. She is on a private beach.
  2. Showing only her backside
  3. She is a Christian, so no need to preach to her the teaching of Islam.
  4. She is a gown woman and to each is own
  5. She never asked to be a role model, you made her into one.
So take it easy, the world has not ended, there will be tomorrow and take it easy. No need for you to go on social media insulting her left and right. Just rise above it, if you do not like it....it's your right not to like it, but she is also a free soul.

Since she shared this photo, people have either been attacking her or defending her. It's natural....keep on mind the company that produces her work is Saudi, but the company has no religion it only wants business. In other news, Elissa will be heading to Egypt next week for a concert. Her first concert in that country in two years.

Elissa - Aa Bali Habibi (Official Clip) / إليسا - ع بالي حبيبي


  1. Lol So only Christian women can wear bikinis?