Monday, August 18, 2014

@BestemsuOzdemir Makes @Hamaki Music Video Extra Sweet

Mohamed Hamaki joined forces with Turkish actress Bestemsu Özdemir for his latest music video. They look believable as a couple and the song is pretty touching love story. Love stories are no epic, but songs make them extra special. Hamaki is a cool guy, but in this music he seems distant, aloof...but he is well-dressed. Hamaki's face expressions are confusing or awkward at best.

For a professional singer who has been under the spotlight for more than a decade, he does not seem comfortable. Maye he did not have good direction, maybe it was not a good set. But he has always been a nice guy who seems to come with values and old school mindset. I respect him a lot and love the model/actress who comes with a heft resume. Bestemsu Özdemir.

See the couple sell a good story, I loved the song before, this is a wonderful compliment to a great guitar work.    

 حماقي - حاجة مستخبية / Haga Mestakhabeya


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