Friday, August 29, 2014

WATCH: شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine Stuning Transformation In "We Meen Ekhtar"

Egyptian vocalist Sherine might have a combative personality and not get a long with too many people, but her music luckily for us agrees with more of us. Her talent is something we all agree on that she is a true force in delightful Arabic pop music.

She has the voice that allows her to do pretty much any song she chooses to do. We are lucky to have her be a hard working entertainer who makes a lot of good music, she is an active diva. Just watch her transformation for this music video where the club meets fancy hotel rooms. Keep on mind she is a mother for two and still has that breath-taking stunning look. I love her in the music video where class meets go girl.

Her voice is so good here and this is the right style of her voice, she had some these kind of songs in the past and we loved them, now she gets to act out what she has not been able to pull in a long time. We get to see some serious action here and some dazzling art direction. She seems to get along with her co-worker aka model. I love the light show--it reminds me of Western music videos but there is so much value in this music video. There are at least half a dozen looks here and they are all well for Sherine.

Finally here's a really good club song that works well for pretty much all people.

شيرين - ومين إختار | Sherine - We Meen Ekhtar | Official Music Video


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