Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Regards To All The Martyrs Song By Sherine @sherineawahab

Sherine recorded a song for the fallen troops in Egypt, but the timing was awkward so she dedicated the song for them and for the fallen in Gaza. Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote for her, and I like his music but more and more he is turning into a extremist nationalist. Credit goes to Sherine for remembering Gaza at this moment when her leader is conspirator on the Israeli onslaught. I know Sherine means well and has a heart, but Egypt is not a place for love right now--they are angry with everyone for no good reason.

The song goes to say, say hello for me to all the martyrs, the song is clearly for the Egyptian policemen murdered by some secretive shadow group with questionable support. It's a "let's cry" song, the fife certainly gives that away, slow music and no rush...allowing one to sob. It's a sad tragedy when people get kills, but once you put a uniform you accept a risk--it does not mean you should be targeted, but you are given a weapon for a reason.

 Now the bigger disaster is when Israel murders you while you are sitting home with your family about to break your fast. 20 seconds later, your body is flying in the street, and you are gone. This happened to too many families in Gaza--they do not need a song or a reward--it's with God. The timing of the attack on these Egyptian policeman serves one purpose to distract Egyptians form pouring their attention to Gaza.

شيرين - سلم عالشهدا | Sherine - Sallem A'al Shohada


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